How To Get Involved


The United Methodist Microfinance Connection invites you to get involved with many ways to give or support.
Getting Involved and Engaging Others

The United Methodist Microfinance Connection invites you to explore the many ways you can give to the ministry – by supporting a project, by donating with your group, through your general donations to the ministry, Gift Cards, or (coming soon!) monthly donations.

Or, read more below about how you can engage your congregation or conference, or offer your support the Microfinance Connection by praying or becoming an advocate for this life-changing ministry and its mission .

Getting InvolvedUnited Methodist Microfinance Connection

We also invite you to explore our suggestions for ways you can engage your church or your conference.

We hope you will become an advocate to the United Methodist Mission Collaborative and the ministry of this website.

And, of course, we hope you will support the UMC Microfinance Connection, and the entrepreneurs it supports, with your prayer.

Engage Your Church

Your church can support the United Methodist Microfinance Connection in many ways.

Engage Your Global Missions Ministry

The United Methodist Microfinance Connection brings the global right to your church and enriches your Global Missions Ministry. It is a great opportunity for your church members who can’t or are not ready to travel outside of the US to be engaged in global poverty and alongside small business owners in multiple countries.

Engage your Small Groups

Small groups can make a difference by combining their individual efforts to adopt UMCMfC projects as a group. Often, Small Groups are looking for serving opportunities in which they can be involved together. The UMCMfC offers Small Groups a chance to do just that.

Examples of groups that can make an effective difference include:

  • Small Groups
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Interest groups
  • Study Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • UMW Groups
  • UMM Groups

Engage Your Congregation

Congregations small and large can engage their membership in the global mission of the UMCMfC by dedicating a special or seasonal offering to the Microfinance Connection ministry.

For example, a part of your Christmas offerings can be directed to support the ministry of the UMCMfC. Or, Lent is a great time to encourage people to practice the spiritual discipline of “giving up” something with a purpose. Imagine what a dollar a day for the 40 days of Lent contributed by the members of your congregation can do for a small business owner in Malawi!

Engage Your Conference
United Methodist Microfinance Connection

Here are some ideas about encouraging your Conference to become engaged with the Microfinance Connection.

Spread the Word.

Encourage your annual conference session to invite a speaker from the Microfinance Connection to give a ten minute presentation on the program and ways for the conference and local congregations to get involved.

Pray for global poverty

help-umc-mcSupport for the United Methodist Microfinance Connection is not limited to financial contributions. Whether or not you contribute a donation, we hope you will support us in this critical ministry in some or all of the following ways:

Pray for the partner countries.

The Microfinance Connection operates in countries where extreme poverty is widespread. Pray for stability, progress and guidance to leaders and policy makers to make poverty their central focus.

Pray for people who live in extreme poverty worldwide.

Although the number of people living in extreme poverty globally is steadily decreasing, the number of people living in poverty is still unacceptably high (896 million people in 2012). These are people who live on $1.90 per day. Pray for better policies, peace and stability and will of resource-rich nations to make poverty their priority.

Pray for the UMC Microfinance Connection.

Pray for this initiative to grow as a connection to churches, UMC agencies and mission partners, to energize faith-communities to be the hands and feet of Christ through their support of individuals they may never meet, and for churches to catch the vision of “showing up” globally in tangible ways.

Become an Advocate of the Microfinance Connection

howtohelp-umcHow can I support the United Methodist Microfinance Connection? Become an Advocate! Here are some ways you can advocate for the Microfinance Connection:

Engage your family and friends

Consider funding/contributing towards the loans of a small business instead of buying of birthday, anniversary, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Christmas presents. The Gift Card option (coming soon) will allow you to make a donation, and invite someone else to choose who receives your donation. That spreads the word very effectively!

Engage other churches

Let other churches know about this opportunity of being more globally connected through the Microfinance Connection.

Engage your conference

UMC Conferences are already getting connected through this initiative. They are making a global difference by investing money and time to make the Microfinance Connection a success. What will your Conference do?