Javier Varela Aniceto

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Javier Varela Aniceto

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A Bit About Javier Varela Aniceto

Javier Varela Aniceto is 26 and lives in Emiliano Zapata Morelos. When Javier was a teenager, his parents were not able to cover the basic needs for their family, so Javier decided to start working at age thirteen by building stalls for flea markets. He began with three stalls, but after a period of economic downturn the restoration of the metal structures became very expensive and his profits decreased. He decided to invest in his own blacksmith tools to repair damaged stalls but he needed financial help. His mother recommended FINCA and shortly after applying, Javier obtained his first loan to buy necessary tools. His blacksmith business is now very successful and Javier plans to start his own hardware shop in his house. He hopes to be able to support his friends and family and would like to increase the number of flea market stalls he can build. To manage the current 42 stalls he has, Javier invested in a truck to carry equipment. Javier says that this progress would not have been possible without the help of FINCA. Now Javier is even able to support his parents and hopes to continue working with FINCA to receive loans.

Posted on March 06th, 2014


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