Lucía Salgado Santana

Food preparer - expand business

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Lucía Salgado Santana

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A Bit About Lucía Salgado Santana

Lucía Salgado Santana lives with her husband, a recently retired primary school teacher, in Campo Verde in the Municipality of Temixco, Mexico. They have 4 children. Her youngest son, the only one still at home, is 17 years old and attends secondary school in a neighboring district. Nine years ago Lucía's husband was out of work and all 4 of her children were dependent on her. The family's finances were strained, and they were unable to make ends meet. One of Lucía's friends told her about FINCA, and she joined the Cactus community group in her district. With a loan from FINCA, she began a business selling cosmetics and shoes, which helped her provide for her family. Lucía did this for several years until deciding to look for something that suited her better. With another FINCA loan, she started running a small food stall outside her home. Today her stall is well stocked and serves her entire community. Knowing that she has both her savings and FINCA’s support, Lucía now hopes to move her business to an established locale where she also intends to sell groceries.

Posted on March 08th, 2014


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