María Luisa Hernández Hernández

Grocery store owner – wants to expand her business

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María Luisa Hernández Hernández

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A Bit About María Luisa Hernández Hernández

María Luisa Hernández Hernández lives in Villa Santiago Cuernavaca. She is 61 years old, and separated from her husband many years ago. Her five children are all grown up and living on her own, but she remains financially responsible for her seven-year-old granddaughter. The girl’s mother remarried, but has been unable to care for her. Maria worked for eight years as a seamstress, but it was exhausting work at her age. So she decided to open up a grocery shop instead. But the competition in her community was tough, as there were many similar shops in the area, and Maria was unable to earn as much as she wanted to. In order to overcome her challenge, Maria approached her friend and asked to join her FINCA Village Bank Hawái (after the American state), so that she, too, could benefit from a FINCA loan. She invested the capital in her business, and this has given her a much needed boost to help her stay ahead of the competition.

Posted on April 18th, 2016


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