Mary Banda

Produce vendor – wants to expand her business

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Mary Banda

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A Bit About Mary Banda

Mary Banda became an orphan when she was still young. Growing up with no parents, she had no one to fend for her needs. Mary got married at 18, and family life changed all of that. She is now raising two young children, and she has been selling tomatoes and other vegetables to help support them. When Mary heard about FINCA, she joined a Village Bank in her community, and she acquired her first loan. The capital helped her expand her stock of produce and increase her profit margin. Thanks to her business, Mary has been able to buy iron sheets and other building materials to construct a house for her family. Mary dreams of sending her children to university someday. They are now preparing for their Primary School Living Certificate examinations, and she hopes they will be selected to attend secondary school. Mary is also considering investing in a new business, as she knows this would allow her to further raise her family’s standard of living.

Posted on April 18th, 2016


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