Oralia Rojas Cueto

Cosmetics vendor – wants to expand her business

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Oralia Rojas Cueto

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A Bit About Oralia Rojas Cueto

Oralia Rojas Cueto lives in Huitzilac in the state of Morelos with her family. Her husband is a taxi driver, and they have a teenaged son. She used to support her family selling food in Lagunas de Zempoala park, a place popular with tourists, but she worked long hours in the cold without proper warm clothing, and this affected her health. So Oralia transitioned into selling cosmetics products instead. For the first few years, though, her sales remained weak. Then she heard about FINCA and joined the Reflexiones Village Bank in her community, and with her loans she has been able to increase her inventory by purchasing in bulk. The extra capital has boosted her revenues considerably. Today, her cosmetics business is one of her family’s main sources of income, and she is proud that it has allowed her to improve her family’s living standard.

Posted on April 18th, 2016


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