Paul Livuwo

Electronics vendor – wants to expand his business

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Paul Livuwo

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A Bit About Paul Livuwo

Paul Livuwo is a father of five children. He plies a cross border trade selling DVDs that he purchases in neighboring Tanzania (a 24 hour drive from his home in Malawi).

In 2012, Malawi was heavily hit by the shortage of major foreign currencies, which forced cross border traders to look for the currencies on the black market. Unfortunately, Paul was sold fake US dollars, and this eventually pushed him completely out of business. But Paul didn’t give up. To recapitalize his business, Paul obtained his first loan from FINCA, and he sold his house and his motor vehicle. This helped put him back in business, and he is well on his way to providing for his family again.

Now Paul hopes to raise enough capital to allow him to start traveling to China to purchase electronic goods such as DVD players and cell phones to sell in Malawi.

Posted on May 16th, 2016


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