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Here’s how you can redeem your Gift Card and start making a difference in the life of a qualified entrepreneur:

  • You received an email with your Gift Card redemption code. Either write down your Gift Code redemption code number, or highlight and copy it using Ctrl-C so you can paste it later.
  • Go to the Projects page, and select a single Project you would like to donate to. A Gift Card can only be used for a single project.
  • On that Projects page, select the Donate Now button. This opens a popup window where you can select Pay By Credit card or Redeem Gift Card.
  • Select Redeem Gift Card.
  • Enter or paste the Gift Card redemption code into the appropriate box to complete the checkout process.

It’s that simple! You are making a sustainable difference with your participation in the UMC Microfinance Connection! Thank you!!

From the UMC Microfinance Connection pages, you can navigate back to this page via “Redeem a Gift Card” under Ways To Give in the top menu.

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