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By giving a Gift Card you can encourage someone important to you to help make a difference in the life of a poor entrepreneur. Great for family, friends, classmates or colleagues – each recipient you choose will redeem the Gift Card you purchase by coming to this site and selecting a project to support.

As they discover the life-changing rewards of offering a hand up to people building businesses in the context of poverty, they may decide to make additional contributions, thereby expanding the ripple effect of your generosity and giving entire families a more hopeful future.

Thank you for contributing to a sustainable and transformative change in our world. And, thank you for encouraging others to join you. Who will you give a Gift Card today?

Here’s How It Works:
  • Select a Gift Card amount, and enter the name and email address of your friend or family member. You can also add a personal note – a greeting, word of encouragement, or a suggestion for a project you like.
  • When you complete your donation, the Microfinance Connection will send your designated recipient(s) an email explaining how to redeem the Gift Card by visiting our website and steering your donation to a specific project.
  • If you prefer, you can enter your own email address as the Recipient – allowing you to print your Gift Cards and hand-deliver them to friends and family. Great for memorials, holidays or graduation gifts!
  • Gift Cards are processed through your Shopping Cart, so you can purchase multiple Gift Cards in one transaction.

Gift Card purchases are tax-deductible contributions. We’ll send you a tax receipt by email, and your Giving Profile will reflect the Gift Cards you’ve given.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions:

  • A simple, free account on the United Methodist Microfinance Connection is required for purchasing Gift Cards.
  • Each Gift Card amount must be between $25 and $500, though the total amount for Gift Card purchases is unlimited.
  • Gift Cards expire 12 months from the purchase date. If a Gift Card has not been redeemed within 12 months, the Microfinance Connection will apply the balance to support future projects.
  • Gift Cards must be applied to a project profiled on this Microfinance Connection website, and the full balance of each Gift Card must be applied to a single project.
  • Gift Cards are not transferable, and they cannot be redeemed or refunded for cash.
  • Questions? Please contact us.

Thank you for actively supporting the United Methodist Microfinance Connection!