Not Sure Where to Start?

There are lots of ways to give to entrepreneurs through the Microfinance Connection. Find which way works best for you!

Find a Project to Support

The United Methodist Microfinance Connection makes it easy for individuals to support life-changing small loans for low income entrepreneurs struggling to escape poverty.

Fund a Loan

Get started by creating a Microfinance Connection account, contributing to a project, and funding a loan to make a difference in the lives of the under-resourced poor.

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Gift Cards

With a Gift Card, your designated friend chooses which borrower your donation arrives to. Share the mission of the UMC Microfinance Connection!

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Support a Village Bank

The heart of the Microfinance Connection’s ministry is the Village Bank – which comes alongside entrepreneurs to provide Business Skills training, assistance and support, and microloans that transform communities.

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Get Involved

There are many ways to help! The United Methodist Microfinance Connection invites you to explore the many ways you can give to the ministry.

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Group Giving

Join a group, or form one! As your group grows, challenge others in your congregation or small group to support entrepreneurs with microfinance loans.

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General Donations

Empower entrepreneurs in under-resourced countries with your one-time general donation to the United Methodist Microfinance Connection. It’s easy to help!

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Additional Donations

Make a special donation arrangement that benefits the United Methodist Microfinance Connection. Establish a memorial, create a sponsorship, or transfer assets.

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Monthly Donations

A scheduled monthly donation to the United Methodist Microfinance Connection directly replenishes the funding pool available to borrowers.

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Do your part by helping with the Microfinance Connection.