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Your commitment to sponsor a Village Bank is the most effective way to make a significant difference in the lives and communities of the under-resourced poor.

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About Village Banking

Village Banking enables entrepreneurs with even the smallest enterprise to access working capital for their business and to invest in their future.


Village Banking provides microloans to low-income individuals and communities which have been largely neglected by commercial banks.

This group lending model brings together entrepreneurs in a community—neighbors, friends, and those working within the same local markets—to provide financial literacy training, to financially empower its members, and to guarantee each other’s small loans without the need for traditional collateral.

Serving Entrepreneurs in Malawi

Poverty and financial exclusion are pervasive in Malawi. Village Banking reaches the poorest and most neglected Malawian entrepreneurs, especially women and those living in rural areas.

The majority of entrepreneurs trained through the United Methodist Microfinance Connection are low-income women who live in rural areas. Their households typically do not have electricity or running water, and most Village Bank members have had no formal education or have received only a primary level education. These entrepreneurs support an average of three children per household, and nearly one-fifth are single mothers.

For these individuals, a loan of $50 or $300 doesn’t just create an opportunity to improve their businesses—it allows them to build a better future for themselves, their family, and their community.

Your Support

Village Bank Donation GraphYour $5,000 donation will immediately support a group of borrowers in Malawi, where poverty is pervasive, financial access is especially constrained and United Methodist churches are regularly helping train and form new Village Banks.

Following your donation, you will be provided with a special report on Village Banking in Malawi. Six months later, you will receive profiles and testimonials of Village Banking participants in Malawi so you can learn more about their journey and the impact that microfinance has had on their lives.

Sustained Impact of Your Gift

The impact of your gift grows over time.  Because Village Bank loans are paid back at nearly 100%, the loan capital can be lent again to existing Village Bank members or can be used to reach more low-income entrepreneurs in Malawi.  After five years, your $5,000 donation will have created economic opportunity for over 2,500 borrowers and their families in Malawi.


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